Terms & Conditions

Booking Procedure All verbal bookings must be confirmed in writing.

Material delivery Confirmations and material instructions should be addressed to: theSKImag, PO Box 631 Bright Victoria 3741:  Email:

No responsibility will be accepted for material arriving outside designated deadlines.

Advertising Production Charges It is assumed that advertising has been produced in accordance with the material specifications supplied for theSKImag. Where material does not meet those specifications, appropriate charges will be levied and are payable by the ADVERTISER so material complies with production requirements.Please note: 100% space charge will apply when material fails to arrive in time for publication. No responsibility accepted outside designated deadlines.

General Conditions The following terms and conditions apply to every advertisement or notice placed for publication. They cannot be varied or waived except in writing signed by an authorised officer of theSKImag.

  1. theSKImag reserves the right to refuse any advertising. A quotation by theSKImag does not constitute an offer to accept advertising.
  2. theSKImag will use its best endeavours to ensure that the ADVERTISER's instructions for the placement of advertising is complied with, however, no specific advertising position is guaranteed and theSKImag will not be liable for any costs, expenses or damages directly or indirectly arising from failure to publish or for publication in a position different to that requested by the ADVERTISER.
  3. theSKImag reserves the right, without the need to give reasons, to reject or withdraw from publication any advertising. All advertising is accepted subject to the law as it is in force from time to time. This right applies to each instance of publication notwithstanding that the same advertisement may have previously been published.
  4. The ADVERTISER must check proofs of advertisement if such proofs are provided to the ADVERTISER.
  5. All advertising will be charged according to the size of the material lodged or the space ordered, whichever is the greater.
  6. Any advertisements which in the opinion of theSKImag are in editorial style must have the word "Advertisement" set above.
  7. It is the responsibility of the ADVERTISER to notify theSKImag immediately it becomes aware of any error in the content of their advertisement.
  8. The ADVERTISER must pay the full price for every advertisement published by the theSKImag notwithstanding: (a) any error or alteration in the advertisement; (b) the position of the advertisement, and/or (c) any variation of the size of the advertisement during the production process.
  9. Rates quoted do not include sales tax, GST or any other levy, duty or tax and are subject to variation without notice. If the rate quoted becomes subject to GST or any other similar impost ("GST"), theSKImag will charge the GST amount on the ADVERTISER's invoice in an appropriate form for GST purposes.
  10. Terms and payments are strictly net cash fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of invoice unless specified differently on the account. If an account becomes overdue the full balance is immediately payable. If the  ADVERTISER fails to pay an amount when due, without prejudice to any other right or action available to theSKImag to recover the amount, the theSKImag may recover by way of compensation, interest at a rate of 1.5% per month cumulative on all overdue amounts.
  11. All advertising will be charged at rates as applicable from time to time. These rates are available to ADVERTISERS upon request. Discounts and/or rebates (where applicable) will be allowed only if payment for advertising is made in full within the time prescribed for payment by theSKImag.
  12. The granting or withdrawal of credit is at the absolute discretion of theSKImag. Pre-payment before publication may occasionally be required.
  13. A written statement of debt duly signed by an authorised employee of theSKImag shall be prima facie evidence and proof of the amount of indebtedness by the ADVERTISER to the theSKImag at that time.
  14. theSKImag reserves the right to amend the format (including but not only size and use of colour) of advertising features at any time prior to publication. theSKImag will endeavour to notify ADVERTISERS of any such format amendments.
  15. Any advertisement that contains an offer for a product or a service that invites a response in the mail must by law include the name of the business and the full postal address. Post office box numbers alone are not acceptable.
  16. As well as publication in hard copy, theSKImag may at its discretion also publish the advertisement electronically or in any other form.
  17. In no circumstances will theSKImag be liable for any loss or damage sustained to advertising material submitted by the ADVERTISER.
  18. Any advice, recommendation, information or representation made by theSKImag as to type, format or presentation of advertising or suitability for a particular purpose or otherwise is given in good faith but without any liability or responsibility on the part of the theSKImag. The ADVERTISER acknowledges that it has not relied upon or been induced by any representation by theSKImag. theSKImag accepts no liability for the accuracy of information contained in advertising.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY To the extent allowed by law: (a) neither theSKImag nor any of its officers, employees or agents is liable for loss or damage howsoever caused in respect of advertisements altered, delayed or omitted, whether by negligence, mistake or otherwise; (b) any other liability of theSKImag or any of its officers, employees or agents howsoever arising in respect of any advertisement or series of advertisements is limited to repayment of the cost of theSKImag's charge for publication of the advertisement or $50.00 whichever is the lesser.  These limitations of liability are for the benefit of theSKImag, its officers, employees and agents. The ADVERTISER undertakes not to bring, or be party to, or assert, any action, claim, counterclaim, or set off at variance to the limitation of liability set out above.

INDEMNITY Advertisements are accepted for publication on the condition that the ADVERTISER and if the advertisement is placed by an advertising agency that AGENCY, jointly and severally warrant to the theSKImag that no material, statement, information or matter contained in the advertisement constitutes violation of any existing copyright or trademark or breach of confidence and contains nothing obscene, indecent, libellous, or is in contempt of any court, tribunal, or royal commission and that its contents do not, and its publication will not, in any way infringe the Trade Practices Act 1974 or any other statute, regulation or law whatsoever and that the ADVERTISER and the advertising agent jointly, and each of them severally, agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the theSKImag and its officers, employees and agents against all claims, demands, damages, costs, penalties, suits and liabilities of any nature howsoever caused (whether by negligence or otherwise) arising out of the publication of the advertisement. The publication of the advertisement by theSKImag is deemed to be the consideration for the granting of the above warranty and indemnity. These warranties and indemnities shall be implied by each submission of an advertisement for publication without the necessity for the execution of any other document.

WARRANTY Every advertisement is accepted for publication by theSKImag only on the basis the advertiser and the advertising agency (if any) preparing such advertisement warrant to the Company that the  advertisement and its contents are true and correct in all respects, are in no way misleading or deceptive and contain no representations or statements prohibited by Section 53 of the Trade Practices Act and that publication of such advertisement by the Company will not constitute misleading or deceptive conduct prohibited by Section 52 of the Trade Practices Act or otherwise contravene any other provisions of that Act or any other Act. Accordingly this warranty is deemed to be included in each submission of an advertisement for publication by the Company. 


jim darby/the snow biz
There's a lot to like about ski lifts, and the people who make them.

arnie wilson/from the alps
Life is full of ironies. The Alps got the snow and Russia got the Olympics.

go flip/flip byrnes
Meet the fashion victims; a whole winter world of them.

There's a lot to like about ski lifts, and the people who make them.

Life is full of ironies. The Alps got the snow and Russia got the Olympics.

Meet the fashion victims; a whole winter world of them.